Where passion meets purpose.

With a high quality of life, talented workforce and business-friendly local government – and state government, for that matter – Garland is where more people and businesses are choosing to move in North Texas. The low cost to live and conduct business in Garland provides limitless potential.

Talent is everywhere

Garland’s diverse workforce has specialized skills for the nation’s fastest-growing industries – healthcare, technology, and wireless communications – as well as Garland’s historic foundation in manufacturing and fabrication.

Creativity lives here

Garland is a community built for making dreams come true, where a rich mixture of people and experiences foster creativity. Entrepreneurial spirit has made Garland an eclectic community for generations.

Business is born here

When it comes to growth and expansion for its more than 5,000 small businesses, Garland means business.

Opportunities grow naturally in Garland.

Whether you have an entrepreneurial calling or an innovative business idea, our Economic Development team invites you to strategize your game plan. Contact us and see how we can grow Garland together.

We provide multiple options to help you get your business going and keep it growing. From grants to advice on expansion, Garland Economic Development is your resource. Connect with us to find the right plan for you.

Garland nurtures businesses of all sizes with resources and services ready to help you bring your project vision to life. Get connected with the resources you need to grow in Garland.

Get networked into Garland’s business community and get connected with even more resources you need to continue building in Garland.

We don’t just support business in Garland, we support you.

Let’s begin building a relationship, and let’s grow it here in Garland. By unleashing the power of entrepreneurs and innovators, and securing the freedom to aspire, we will long remain the best location for businesses large and small.